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  • Why choose a Ireland Offshore Company Formation?

    Main features of Ireland company registration

    • The minimum number of directors is two, one of who should be resident the European Economic Area (EEA). Directors must be natural persons
    • Companies which do not have at least one director which is resident in the EEA are subject to a €25,395 bond being paid up
    • The minimum number of shareholders is one
    • A company secretary is mandatory
    • All companies are required to file audited accounts
    • Every company, whether trading or not, must file and annual return each year at the CRO not later than 28 days from its statutory annual return date
    • The corporate tax rate is currently 12.5% on trading income and 25% on non trading income
    • Ireland has a very extensive network of double tax agreements in force with 45 countries

    Ireland offshore company formation, nominees, bank accounts and mail forwarding

    As specialists in Ireland offshore company formations, whether you’re looking for a simple offshore company registration or a complex structure (including offshore Trusts), A1 Global Formations can help. We also provide a comprehensive range of admin services for Ireland companies, including the provision of nominee director, nominee shareholder, bank account services and mail forwarding.

    Our expert Ireland company formation and company registration team has established affiliations with local Ireland company agents and extensive knowledge of the legal requirements for company formation in Ireland. We also guarantee that all company filing documents and fees are up-to-date and will notify you of any compliance changes in Ireland.

    If you require us to take over the management of your existing Ireland offshore company, we can usually do so at no extra cost.

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    What's Included in The Formation Price:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Certified bound copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Registered office and agent fee for the first year
    • Government fees for the first year
    • Company Secretarial Maintenance for first year
    • Issued Share Certificate
    • Register of Directors
    • Appointment of First Director
    • Consent letters etc
    • Company Share Register
    • Company Seal

    Additional Information for Ireland

    Background to Belize Company Registration

    Belize offshore company formation/registration

    A1 Global Formations is able to incorporate a Belize offshore company. The process usually takes less than a day.

    Offshore company banking in Belize

    A1 Global Formations saves you time and hassle by working closely with a number of banks , so we can incorporate Belize companies with a choice of offshore bank accounts.

    Shares in Belize offshore companies

    With Belize offshore companies, there is no minimum share capital but it is customary to have an authorised share capital of US$ 50,000. The minimum issued capital may be one share of par value or one share of no par value. Preference shares, bearer shares, registered shares, shares of no par value, redeemable shares and shares with or without voting rights are all permitted.

    If you’d like to keep the ownership of your shares private, bearer shares are the ideal solution because you don’t have to disclose your shareholding to anyone in Belize. Ownership of the shares passes by a simple physical transfer.

    Anonymity and disclosure in Belize offshore companies

    Belize is known for its excellent privacy. Offshore Belize companies are not required to disclose the names of directors and beneficial owners to the registration authorities. There is also no requirement to prepare and file annual accounts, although companies are required to keep financial records to reflect the company’s financial position.

    The Republic of Ireland Offshore Companies and their Tax Liability

    The Republic of Ireland has one of the lowest rates of corporation tax in the EU, just behind the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, which currently have a 0% rate, and Cyprus and some Eastern European countries which have a 10% corporation tax rate. It is one of the lowest in any developed economy in the world. So it's not surprising that Ireland's offshore sector has boomed. Ireland is on the OECD 'white list' and has numerous exchanges of information agreements for tax purposes. Ireland has been a very popular alternative 'offshore' choice for many multinationals which have transferred some of their operations to Irish companies to reduce their overall effective tax rate. Ireland therefore offers excellent tax-saving opportunities at both the corporate and personal level.

    Double Taxation Agreements

    Ireland has a very extensive network of double tax agreements in force. The treaty countries include: Albania, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong (June 2010), Italy, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco (June 2010) Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (July 2010) USA, United Kingdom.

    Republic of Ireland Offshore Company Banking

    Offshore Formations 247 can incorporate Republic of Ireland companies with an offshore bank account at the time of company formation. We work closely with a number of banks, and in particular AIB. Combining the two saves time and couldn't be simpler.

    Republic of Ireland Offshore Company Formation / Registration

    Offshore Formations 247 are able to incorporate a Republic of Ireland offshore limited company. Company formation normally takes up to 5 days to register a new company.

    Republic of Ireland Offshore Company Shares

    There is no capital duty payable on the authorised capital of a Republic of Ireland offshore company. There is a 1% capital duty payable on the issued share capital. There is no maximum authorised capital. The minimum issued capital is two shares of par value. "Ordinary" and "Preference" shares. Preference shares provide a benefit over and above those available to the holder of ordinary shares. In most cases the preference will relate to voting rights and/or payment of company dividends depending on the provision of the Memorandum & Articles of Association.


    Types of Company Structures Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Partnerships, Branches.
    Shelf Companies Not available
    Law Based on English Common Law
    Currency Euro (€)
    Minimum Government fees (excluding taxation) €60
    Corporation Tax Rate 12.5%
    Double Tax Treaty Yes


    Minimum No. of Shareholder 1
    Maximum No. of Shareholder 50 (in case of private company)
    Share Denomination 1 Euro (€)
    Usual authorised capital 1,000,000 €


    Minimum number of directors 2 - individuals
    Resident Director Requirement Yes. (At least one of the directors must be a resident in the European Economic Area (EEA).
    Secretary Requirement Yes - Individual / Corporate
    Meetings need not to be held in Ireland


    Annual return Yes
    Annual Return Filing Fee EURO 40


    Submission of M & A of Association to Registrar of Companies Yes
    Individual Directors not corporate entities Yes
    Complete a NACE Code Yes
    Official Seal. (Demand of Ireland Law) Yes
    Account Preparation. Yes
    Annual Filing of Accounts. Yes
    Publicly Accessible Accounts. Yes
    Account Auditing. Yes
    Filing of Annual Return. Yes

    Buy Online


    Year One Price £575.00

    Year Two Price £425.00

    Buy Online


    Year One Price £575.00

    Year Two Price £425.00