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  • Why choose a Jersey Offshore Company Formation?

    Main features of Jersey company registration

    • The minimum number of directors required by law is one; they may be natural persons of any nationality and need not be resident in Jersey
    • The minimum number of shareholders is one. Details of shareholders are available to the general public
    • A company secretary is required who can be a natural person or body corporate. Can be of any nationality and need not be resident in Jersey
    • The beneficial ownership of all Jersey companies is disclosed to the Jersey Financial Services Commission at the time of incorporation
    • Whilst there is no requirement to file audited financial statements with the authorities, it is important to note that a company is required to keep financial records, which reflect the financial position of a company
    • It is required to file annual return by 28th February each year
    • All companies incorporated or becoming first resident from 3rd June 2008 Jersey have a corporate income tax of 0% unless they are financial services entities, utility companies or rental and property development companies
    • Jersey is in a stable region under the protection of the United Kingdom, making it a highly desirable jurisdiction
    • It takes approximately 10 – 14 days to incorporate a new company, subject to Jersey approval and compliance with the strict regulations governing the incorporation of Jersey companies

    Jersey offshore company formation, nominees, bank accounts and mail forwarding

    As specialists in Jersey offshore company formations, whether you’re looking for a simple offshore company registration or a complex structure (including offshore Trusts), A1 Global Formations can help. We also provide a comprehensive range of admin services for Jersey companies, including the provision of nominee director, nominee shareholder, bank account services and mail forwarding.

    Our expert Jersey company formation and company registration team has established affiliations with local Jersey company agents and extensive knowledge of the legal requirements for company formation in Jersey. We also guarantee that all company filing documents and fees are up-to-date and will notify you of any compliance changes in Jersey.

    If you require us to take over the management of your existing Jersey offshore company, we can usually do so at no extra cost.

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    Year One Price £6,000.00

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    What's Included in The Formation Price:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Certified bound copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Registered office and agent fee for the first year
    • Government fees for the first year
    • Company Secretarial Maintenance for first year
    • Issued Share Certificate
    • Register of Directors
    • Appointment of First Director
    • Consent letters etc
    • Company Share Register
    • Company Seal

    Additional Information for Jersey

    Background to Jersey Company Registration

    Jersey offshore company formation/registration

    A1 Global Formations is able to incorporate a Jersey offshore company. A Jersey company formation usually takes just one working day.

    Offshore company banking in Jersey

    A1 Global Formations saves you time and hassle by working closely with a number of banks, including HSBC the FBME bank in Cyprus, so we can incorporate Jersey companies with a choice of offshore bank accounts.

    Anonymity in a Jersey offshore company

    With a Jersey offshore company, if the corporate shareholders are engaged to act as the shareholder on behalf of the ultimate beneficial owners, the identity of the beneficial owners can remain confidential. For this confidentiality to be maintained however, the ultimate beneficial owners and the company must not be involved in any criminal activities. If you require this service, A1 Global Formations can supply the use of our corporate shareholders.

    The register of directors in Jersey is also available to the public so if you require anonymity, A1 Global Formations can supply the use of Nominee Directors.

    Disclosure in a Jersey offshore company

    Although Jersey companies do not have to file accounts with any external bodies, accounts for each financial year are still required. Exemption from account auditing can be granted, providing the company satisfies tests relating to average number of employees, net balance sheet and net turnover.

    Jersey Offshore Company Formation

    Tax benefits of a Jersey offshore company formation

    Just one hour flight from the UK, Jersey is another British Crown Dependency famous for its tax benefits and attractiveness as a location for an offshore company formation/registration. Jersey has negotiated a special association with the European Economic Community, whereby its policies on domestic taxation are not payable because it recognises, preserves and guarantees its fiscal autonomy.

    Jersey has a 0/10 corporation tax system, which means it has zero per cent corporation tax rates, except for finance companies which pay 10 per cent. There is also no inheritance tax in Jersey but a three percent goods and services tax.

    Jersey is ideal as a trust jurisdiction and popular with residents in the UK because there is no local tax charged on local bank interest and foreign income when the beneficiaries are non-resident. As a holding company designation, the lack of double tax treaties reduces Jersey’s attractiveness but if you’re looking to avoid capital gains or reduce income tax, Jersey is a good choice.

    Jersey has agreed to implement the OECD Exchange of Information treaty and has signed an agreement with the UK to allow HMRC to request the bank account details of any company potentially liable for income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax or VAT in the UK.

    Tax liability of Jersey offshore companies

    The 0/10 tax system has been operational in Jersey since 2009, meaning there is a standard zero per cent corporation tax rate and a 10 per cent rate for specified financial services companies. Utility companies, rental income and property development profits however continue to be charged at the standard 20 per cent income tax rate. Since June 3 2008, companies have been unable to vote for an exempt company status.


    Type of entity Resident
    Type of law Common
    Shelf company availability No
    Our time to establish a new company 10 - 14 days
    Corporate Taxation 0% - 10%
    Double taxation treaty access No


    Standard currency GBP
    Permitted currencies Any
    Minimum paid up £1
    Usual authorised £10,000


    Minimum number 1
    Local required No
    Publicly accessible records No
    Location of meetings Anywhere


    Minimum number 1
    Publicly accessible records Yes
    Location of meetings Anywhere


    Required Yes
    Local or qualified No


    Requirement to prepare Yes
    Audit requirements No
    Requirement to file accounts No
    Publicly accessible accounts No


    Requirement to file annual return Yes
    Change in domicile permitted Yes

    Buy Online


    Year One Price £6,000.00

    Year Two Price £5,999.00

    Buy Online


    Year One Price £6,000.00

    Year Two Price £5,999.00