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  • Why choose a Panama Offshore Company Formation?

    Main features of Panama company registration

    • A minimum of three Directors must be appointed. Directors may be individuals or bodies corporate of any nationality or domicile
    • A President, a Secretary and Treasurer must be appointed. Directors of the company can also serve as Officers. One person can occupy each of the Officer positions
    • The name and address of each Director and Officer is filed with the Public Registry
    • The names of Shareholders are not filed with the Public Registry
    • Whilst there is no requirement to file audited accounts with the authorities, a company is required to keep financial records, which reflect the financial position of a company
    • Panama operates a territorial tax system. Income earned from outside of Panama is not taxable in Panama
    • Interest earned on bank accounts maintained in Panama by a Panama company is exempt from tax in Panama
    • A company with a requested name takes two days to incorporate

    Panama offshore company formation, nominees, bank accounts and mail forwarding

    As specialists in Panama offshore company formations, whether you’re looking for a simple offshore company registration or a complex structure (including offshore Trusts), A1 Global Formations can help. We also provide a comprehensive range of admin services for Panama companies, including the provision of nominee director, nominee shareholder, bank account services and mail forwarding.

    Our expert Panama company formation and company registration team has established affiliations with local Panama company agents and extensive knowledge of the legal requirements for company formation in Panama. We also guarantee that all company filing documents and fees are up-to-date and will notify you of any compliance changes in Panama.

    If you require us to take over the management of your existing Panama offshore company, we can usually do so at no extra cost.

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    Year One Price £599.00

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    What's Included in The Formation Price:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Certified bound copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Registered office and agent fee for the first year
    • Government fees for the first year
    • Company Secretarial Maintenance for first year
    • Issued Share Certificate
    • Register of Directors
    • Appointment of First Director
    • Consent letters etc
    • Company Share Register
    • Company Seal

    Additional Information for Panama

    Background to Panama Company Registration

    Panama is one of the most popular and established tax havens around. Its popularity is thanks to the offshore companies and foundations on offer. Panama’s tax advantages stem from the fact that it has a territorial tax system. This means there is no tax on income earned outside Panama. This rule applies to both personal and corporate income. Panama is also known for its strong maritime business and good privacy laws. Political stability is also recognized as good. As banking and shipping are Panama’s two main ‘offshore’ industries there is a good selection of banks to choose from (more than 140). Panamanian bank accounts are becoming more popular because interest is tax free and, for EU nationals, they are excluded from the Savings Tax Directive.

    More Information on Jurisdiction

    Panama Companies and their Tax liability

    Panama companies income tax is only payable on income from a business carried on within Panama or for individuals employed there. If you realize any capital gains, these are counted as a special form of income so if you have any overseas capital gains these should also be completely tax free. Gains on local assets can be taxed at 10%. Panama is popular as a corporate tax haven for a number of reasons. Its International Business Company (IBC) and foundation structures are often promoted by offshore incorporators as effective tax-avoidance tools.

    Companies are subject to the territorial tax rule, just as individuals. Therefore provided a company doesn’t derive its income from Panamanian activities, there will be no tax payable. This means that as a location for offshore IBCs Panama offers a sound 0% tax regime in most cases. This allied to the significant privacy benefits makes it a very popular destination.

    Panama Offshore Company Banking

    Offshore Formations 247 can incorporate Panama companies with a choice of offshore bank accounts at the time of company formation. We work closely with a number of banks, including HSBC, and FBME bank in Cyprus. Combining the two saves time and couldn’t be simpler.

    Panama Company Formation/Registration

    Offshore Formations 247 are able to incorporate a Panama offshore company. Company formation normally takes up to 1 to 2 days to register, though Off The Shelf companies are available should your requirements be more immediate.

    Panama Offshore Company Anonymity and Disclosure.

    The identity of the beneficial owners of a Panama offshore company are not made available on the public register. Directors details are however publicly available and so if anonymity is required, Offshore Formations 247 can supply the use of Nominee Directors. There is no requirement to prepare, maintain or file financial statements or annual returns. If the directors decide to maintain such accounts, they may be done anywhere in the world.

    Panama Offshore Company Shares

    The standard authorised share capital is US$10,000 divided in to 100 common voting shares of US$100 each or 500 common voting shares of no par value; the capital may be expressed in any convertible currency. The minimum issued capital is either one share of no par value or one share of par value.

    Shares can be of various classes, can have par value or not, may be registered or bearer. Strict regulations now apply to bearer shares: the registered agent must keep the bearer share certificate in safe custody and must notify the Registrar about such shares. A Stock Register must be kept by law. The register contains the names in alphabetical order, place of domicile and date of acquisition of shareholders, other than the holders of Bearer Shares. This register may be held anywhere in the world.


    Type of entity Non resident
    Type of law Civil
    Shelf company availability Yes
    Our time to establish a new company 1 - 2 days
    Minimum government fees (excluding taxation) US $300
    Corporate Taxation Nil
    Double taxation treaty access No


    Standard currency US $
    Permitted currencies Any
    Minimum paid up US $1
    Usual authorised US$10,000


    Minimum number 3
    Local required No
    Publicly accessible records Yes
    Location of meetings Anywhere


    Minimum number 1
    Publicly accessible records Optional
    Location of meetings Anywhere


    Required Yes
    Local or qualified No


    Requirement to prepare Yes
    Audit requirements No
    Requirement to file accounts No
    Publicly accessible accounts No


    Requirement to file annual return No
    Change in domicile permitted Yes

    Buy Online


    Year One Price £599.00

    Year Two Price £550.00

    Buy Online


    Year One Price £599.00

    Year Two Price £550.00